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We understand the challenges of making meaningful connections in the virtual world, and so networking is a key component of all our virtual events! There are various networking features to support interaction and collaboration across the platform.


Speed Networking

Make the most our of networking with other attendees by joining our Speed Networking Sessions. You will be able to attend speed networking at all Hanson Wade Events and there is no sign up required to participate! Sessions take place during the breaks however be sure to check the latest agenda for specific timings. As with private messages, all interactions in these sessions are totally private.





How does this work?

Head to the Speed Networking icon on the left-hand side when Speed Networking is scheduled in the conference agenda. Joining this connects you at random for quick-fire chats, in order to get introductions out the way and meet a wide variety of speakers and peers!

Once in the Networking session, select Ready, and you will be matched with other attendees for a video call. When the time is up, you will then be randomly connected to another attendee, with this repeating until the session is finished.

Hitting Connect allows both parties to exchange contact details, just like swapping a business card at a physical event! You will get a summary of all the connections made at the end of the event under My Account > Connections

Make sure to have closed as many other tabs opened as possible, have stable internet connection and have your video/microphone enabled. For best experiences we recommend using Google Chrome browser.

Networking Tab

This is made up of Chat, People, and Polls on the right-hand side of the platform:

Chat acts as public chat, open to all attendees throughout the event. Here, you can message freely and interact throughout the event with the conference community.

  • Event Chat is visible in every part of the platform
  • Stage Chat is visible when in the Stage area
  • Session Chat is visible when in a Session area
  • Booth Chat is visible when inside a partner Demo Area

People acts as a private chat where you can directly message other attendees. You can search the attendee list using name, job title, company or function.

Clicking on a name will take you to their profile where you are able to select from direct messaging, inviting into a video call or request to schedule a meeting. All private messages can be found by clicking on the  icon in the top left of your screen. You will be notified with a red circle when a new message is received – make sure to look out for this! All interactions in these sessions are private meetings and are not recorded.

Polls allow for multiple-choice questions to be posed across the duration of the event. We will post these during presentations or sessions, and it’s a great way for the audience to get insight into market trends and perceptions