SpeakersSpeaker Guidelines & Types of Presentations
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Presentation Formatting

We recommend all presentation slides follow the below formatting guidelines

  • 16:9 Ratio (widescreen)
  • Font size 20+ (Font smaller than this may be too small for the audience to view)
  • 1 graph/table per slide
  • Clear and concise background
  • Visual aids to capture the attention of the audience
  • If including videos in your presentation, please also bring the video file as a back up for our AV Team

Presentation Types

There are various ways you may be participating as an in person speaker:

  • Presentation followed by Q&A
  • Panelist
  • Roundtable Moderator
  • Workshop Leader
  • Chair person


  • Check with your Event Manager if Live Polling is available at your Event
  • If so, it is possible to include multiple choice, word cloud, or open text polls which the audience use their smartphones to vote on.
  • Real time results can be shown on screen or within your slide show
  • Results can also be collected and distributed to all participants post-conference should you wish

Live Q&A

  • Typically, there will be time allocated for Q&A either directly after your session or in the form of a group panel (please check the agenda or enquire with your Event Manager for further details)
  • Questions will be submitted by the audience either by their smartphone or live in the room
  • A moderator or chairperson will be available to coordinate the Q&A session
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  • Presentations will be pre-loaded to our AV desk at the back of the room and will be projected from there
  • At the podium, you will have access to a wireless clicker, with a laser, to control and advance your slides
  • There will be a comfort monitor displaying your slides, in front of you. Please note, this will NOT show notes
  • A static microphone on the podium is provided for your session. Clip on microphones are also available and can be arranged at the audio visual desk
  • There may also be a camera at the back of the room live-streaming the event if we also have attendees joining virtually