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External Speakers

If your computer is set up with external speakers, you may run into problems with the your own and other's audio on the Virtual Platform.  

  1. Try to disconnect your external speakers and use the built-in ones
  2. Try FireFox   

Camera Access

If Chrome is unable to detect an external camera try accessing the platform in FireFox.

Camera Access – Mac Users  

Mac users may run into issues with their laptop camera not having permission to share in Hanson Wade’s Virtual Platform:  

  1. Access Security & Privacy (Command and space, then search security and privacy) 
  2. Ensure the Google Chrome App has access to your camera 

Audio Issues

If you are using two monitors check your output settings that the volume is coming out of the correct monitor (this should be your primary display):  


Go to settings > system > sound > change output device 

If you experience technical difficulties which you are unable to troubleshoot once testing and trialling the options above, please contact your Event Manager directly via email, call, or message through the chat function on the platform.  

There is often also a virtual Help Desk available on the digital platform to make your experience as smooth as possible!