PartnersVirtual Booth

Virtual Booth

Your virtual booth boosts your brand awareness without any need to sit and wait for attendees to come and interreact. 



What we need from you: 


  1. High-Res Company Logo (JPEG or PNG Format, 300px width minimum)
  2. Company Description (600 characters maximum)
  3. External Weblinks (3 maximum)
  4. Downloadable PDF Resources (2 maximum)
  5. Team Profiles(4 maximum)
    • Name and Job Title
    • Headshot (JPEG or PNG, 150x150px minimum)
    • LinkedIn Profile 
  6. Appointments tool
    • Attendees that register interest at your booth will be introduced via email by your Partnership Manager.
    • If you have a 3rd party meeting scheduler (such as Calendly), please provide the meeting code and we will embed this into your Virtual Booth.