SpeakersTechnical Requirements & Types of Presentations

Virtual Technical Requirements & Types of Presentations

Virtual Presentation Technical Requirements

  • Laptop /Desktop computer 
  • A second screen can be extremely convenient – though it is not a must-have 
  • Advised web-browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari
  • Your presentation to be in Microsoft PowerPoint format with 16:9 aspect ratio slides 
  • If you are a Mac user, you should consult the following document to ensure necessary sharing allowances are setup for a smooth live presentation: Mac Screen Sharing 
  • Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is strong enough to support your live presentation.  
  • You will need at least 3mb/second. You can test your speed here: https://www.speedtest.net/ 
  • We recommend taking any additional devices, such as your mobile phone, off the same network for the duration of your presentation. 
  • If your Wi-Fi connection is weak, we strongly recommend you consider pre-recording your session. 
  • Your laptop’s built-in camera will suffice.  
  • If your laptop does not have a built-in camera or you are presenting from a desktop computer, please use an external camera. 
  • Position your camera face on with the main source of light in front of you so that the audience has a clear view of your face when presenting. 
  • A headset with microphone allows you to hear any instructions or questions whilst providing clear sound from you to the digital audience.  
  • Alternatively, you can use an external microphone or the built-in microphone of your laptop. Please ensure this is positioned close enough to you to pick up your voice clearly.  
  • Please position yourself in an area with minimal distractions and no background noise. 

Virtual Platform Technology Test

Some speakers will need to attend a technology test of the virtual platform. A team member will be in touch to set up a 15-minute technology test with you, taking place up to 2 weeks prior to the event.   

 For this technology test, you will need: 

  • A Chrome or Firefox web browser  
  • A blank PowerPoint presentation  
  • All items listed on our Technology Requirements   

During the session we will test your technology as well as rehearsing joining the stage and presenting your first few slides.