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  • Make yourself familiar with the time your talk/talks take place
  • Your event manager will send you the time you need to be ‘backstage’ in a calendar invite, however we recommend you are online at least  1 hour before your talk
  • Use the Access Link in your calendar invite to join the event, before using the Backstage Link to join backstage at the time provided by your event manager – Steps outlined here 
  • Have a watch/timer visible to time your talk, as we don’t want to interrupt you
  • Look engaged and sit towards the light so attendees can see you – you’ll have both your video and slides sharing so please don’t forget you can be seen at all times… just like on the real stage! 
  • Remain online for your Q&A, whether that is straight after your talk or as part of a group after a session  
  • Get involved & make the most of the networking features the platform offers  
  • Be contactable throughout the day – We will share contact details for our team and check a mobile number with you in the weeks leading up to the event