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  1. Introduction
  2. Reception
  3. Virtual Booths
  4. Networking
  5. Session & Stages
  6. Demo Area

Virtual Booth

Your virtual booth boosts your brand awareness without any need to sit and wait for attendees to come and interreact. 

What we need from you: 

  1. High-Res Company Logo (JPEG or PNG Format, 300px width minimum)
  2. Company Description (600 characters maximum)
  3. External Weblinks (3 maximum)
  4. Downloadable PDF Resources (2 maximum)
  5. Team Profiles(4 maximum)
    • Name and Job Title
    • Headshot (JPEG or PNG, 150x150px minimum)
    • LinkedIn Profile 
  6. Appointments tool
    • Attendees that register interest at your booth will be introduced via email by your Partnership Manager
    • If you have a 3rd party meeting scheduler (such as Calendly), please provide the meeting code and we will embed this into your Virtual Booth

Your Resources

As requested in our Virtual Booth requirements, detailed above, your Downloadable PDF Resources will be available to our attendee in the Partner Resources Library. This is a unique collection of content created per event.

Attendees will be able to register to access this material with the download statistics being available to you post-event via your Partnership Manager.

Demo Area

In the Demo Area, our partners can host short videos that will act as on-demand content, accessible by all attendees throughout the entire conference!

Each Demo Video will link to the corresponding Virtual Booth for maximum exposure and accessibility.  

Attendees also have access to a dedicated booth chat, located at the right hand side of each Demo Video. Here, attendees can interact with partners throughout the conference, but there is no need to sit and man your Demo Video Chat. Simply leave availabilities for live Q&A or post contact details for direct outreach!


For promotion in the Demo Area we must receive a video link ora slide deck, as the area does not function without it. The Demo Area cannot host both the video and slide deck, simultaneously; please choose the most appropriate option for your requirements.  

What we need from you: 


  1. High-Res Company Logo (JPEG or PNG, 1080x1080px Minimum)
  2. Background Banner
    • Large Booth recommended size: 2000 x 500px (4:1 aspect ratio) minimum size: 1000 x 250px
    • Medium Booth recommended size: 1500 x 750px (2:1 aspect ratio) minimum size: 1000 x 500px
    • Image must be relatively plain with the ability to see Headline overlaid in white text
    • Any featured graphics should be on the right-hand side due to High-Res Company Logo overlaid 
  3. Headline (140 Characters Maximum)
    • Short company tagline
  4. Link to Video Content
    • YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia link required (3 minutes max)
    • PowerPoint/Google slides (10 slides max) 


Make sure to utilise our live event polls visible across the whole platform! Polls are a great way to get insight direct from the market, and responses can be provided live! After the poll closes you will be provided with a more in-depth full breakdown of the responses!

What we need from you: 

Send your questions to your Partnership Manager or Event Manager that you would like posted

Each question must also include multiple choice answers (2 minimum, 5 maximum) 

Post-Event Report

Your Partnerships Manager will provide a post-event report with both qualitative feedback and quantitative data representing engagement on the virtual platform. Please contact your Partnership Manager directly for information on the data points included. 

To get the most out of this, remember to book in a post-event consultation with your Partnerships Manager in order to walk through the report and compile a post-event action plan.