COVID-19Our Approach

Our Approach

Navigating 2020 has meant that being able to host in-person conferences has not always been possible. Especially when considering the health and safety concerns of our attendees.

In addition to this, the extended travel uncertainty and social distancing restrictions would significantly impact on our ability to deliver a physical event that meets the high standards we look to provide.  

The good news is we have been able to adapt and grow in this new world, successfully delivering almost all of 2020’s events using a cutting-edge virtual event platform. Where we have been able to share live presentations, panels, Q&A, structured networking activities and interactive breakout sessions.  

Whilst we continue to experience the unknowns of COVID-19 as businesses and individuals, we are hopeful of a brighter future. In the meantime we are so appreciative of how as a community, you have continued to embrace technology and support our collective desire to learn, share, and improve the world around us.  

You can find all of our latest COVID-19 updates and news on our Customer Portal.  

Updated 15 December 2020